Procesador Multi Efectos Analógico

El título lo dice todo: Un auténtico procesador multi efectos enteramente analógico.

Capaz de incluir hasta 12 efectos individuales, cualquier efecto imaginable… más dos loops de efectos, más las capacidad de cambiar el orden de la cadena a gusto, configurar cada variable de cada pedal, procesar dos señales independientes a la vez, sumarlas, sacarlas por amplificadores independientes, invertir la fase, sumarlas de nuevo…

Con 250 bancos de memoria totalmente independientes, las posibilidades son infinitas.

2 thoughts on “Procesador Multi Efectos Analógico

  1. I watched your video on YouTube and I am very very impressed. I had a similar idea. Did you use a midi for controlling the pedals and chain order? Truly amazing and sounds great. Any pointers would be greatly appreciated. Great job!!

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  2. I didn’t include MIDI because I wanted to keep everything in house, so it’s all managed on-board as seen in the video. One box to take to the gig, that’s the idea, no matter how large the gig, you’re always covered.

    I’m working on transporting more pedals onto the system right now, been very busy but I’m back to it now. Thanks for checking it out and I’m glad you liked it!


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