Recycling Myself

Alright, way back when I got this thing running I promised myself to not let it turn into one of those dark, humid and sorta basement-smelling places on the internets.

So as all things in my life, I went right ahead and did exactly that.

Well truth is, I actually do write a lot, mostly on forums about gear and shit. Not gonna lie, I’m kind of an asshole with a big mouth and some academic formation to back it up, so I spew a lot of crap around about capacitors and pickups and all that, and who woulda thunk it, some people actually find it useful, and even funny at times. I happen to be a colorfully talking fella, or so I hear.

Note: I’m a native Spanish speaker, so I’m a colorful asshole in translation, and maybe that’s what people find funny.

What’s the point then? I’m gonna start posting that useful/funny crap here, just for the fuck of it, even if that means straight up posting self-copypasta from those same forums as if they were new stuff. Who cares? It’s good info anyway and I’m gathering it here as I either come up with it or simply dig it up from those joints.

Some basics to get out of the way, mostly to get the ball rolling:

– Wood DOES make a a difference in tone on any electric instrument, anyone claiming the opposite is a flat-earther.

– Paper-in-oil capacitors sound the same as ceramic ones, I don’t care how much money you spent. They do look cool though, but that’s pretty much it.

– Any Op-Amp labeled 4558, in any way, shape or form, is a 4558. The end. I don’t give a fuck who made it or when, it doesn’t make your Tube Screamer clone any special.

That’s it for now.

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