Giveaway! We’re 4!

I’m not one for jumping on other people’s parties, but since I absolutely love this one in particular, I’m going off the script here.

If you want to keep up to date with basically anything that goes on when it comes to guitars, gear and pretty much anything else, check out some cool projects (with the occasional plush guest) or simply be a nice creep and stalk a good guy, Guitarbear is your place.

Happy birthday Guitarbear, I hope every weirdo on the intertubez shows up to say hi and eat snacks from your private stash!


Guitarbear blog turns 4!


There will be four D’Addario straps up for grabs this year.


To get yours, just

  1. email me at and
  2. tell me what you’d like to see more on the blogMore plush toys, more video recommendations, more reviews, more setup stories, or more silly comments/opinions from me? Just let me know.
  3. provide your name and mailing address, choose the colour you like, and I will send it to you.

Terms and conditions

All are welcome. All races, genders and nationalities.

Free normal postage on me.

No meetups for locals. Sorry, no time for that.

Only four straps available.

Giveaway ends 31 July 9am Singapore time.

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