The Weirdest Of Shits

I figured it was about time I wrote something here, although I’m not sure I know the reason why.

The first thing that comes to mind, if I’m being honest, is that a few days back my plan got renewed; automatically, I might add.

That on itself, is not a big deal. I mean, I clicked on the option, I had the chance to un-click it, but I didn’t.

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Homemade Bread For The Unmotivated

Yeah, I make recipe videos now, bilingual recipe videos. Not wearing an apron yet but crazier shit has happened so I wouldn’t rule that one out either.


Nude selfies + free strap from awesome Andy/Guitarbear

I made me an Instagram profile so I can upload nude selfies but since I’ve been making my own bread, I though it’d be wiser to post guitars instead.


I thought I’d kick it off with a pic of my new strap from the dude I get all my gearhead news from: Andy a.k.a. Guitarbear.

Sir, you’re the shit, I’ll never get tired of repeating that. Cheers!


I thought about prefacing this by saying I’ve never been much of a big Hip-Hop guy, but to be fair, Hip-Hop is only about 3% of what Trix does.

So instead, I’ll preface this by saying Trix is the shit.

Here’s ThisIsTrix on Spotify, and you’ll probably find him anywhere where there’s music as well (plug out of the way, preface done, quick stolen image to make this less of a text wall).

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