Music is the shit, I love music, always have.

Literally, some of my earliest memories are about singing, impersonating John Bonham with kitchen stuff, Angus Youngin’ on a tennis racket and generally just making noise. I recorded my first cassette tape at 5, all Led Zeppelin, AC/DC, Deep Purple, Queen, the good stuff.

So yeah, I like music, I like making it, and I like helping others make it, so there’s two categories about it here:

LonerJuan – That’s my music, what I tried to pass off as a band at some point. That’s where you can hear me scream at the walls.

Collaborations – This one I’m loving more and more by the day. There’s just something truly awesome and immensely flattering about getting a call or a message from someone sending me a weird track that sounds like nothing I’ve ever heard before, asking me to do whatever I want with it, be it a guitar part, writing/singing a chorus, playing bass… and if it’s up to my skill set, I’ll do it.