I’m one remix more gooder!

Some people get their songs re-mixed, but I got mine twice!

I’m one remix more gooder!

And by the way, check out this dude’s channel, there’s some heavy duty sounds being created there as we speak.

(I keep telling him he’ll end up working for Ubisoft).

Without a crowd, there’d be no art.

I’m paraphrasing/translating, but the point is I spend most of my time babbling my random nonsense and then just like nothing, you come across awesome people that can spew lines like these as if they were farting in the wind.

Ismael Sposito is exactly that kind of people, and when he’s not speaking in awesome, he’s making great music, eclectic, insanely original music.

Anyway, dude’s got an album, the first of a couple hundred I assume, by the way he’s constantly in the pursuit of new noises to make. It’s called “A Través” and everyone and their mother should check it out on his Soundcloud or pay him a visit on his YouTube channel.


Oh and by the way, I’m featured on track 4!