I’m one remix more gooder!

Some people get their songs re-mixed, but I got mine twice!

I’m one remix more gooder!

And by the way, check out this dude’s channel, there’s some heavy duty sounds being created there as we speak.

(I keep telling him he’ll end up working for Ubisoft).

230 – The Empty Spot [EP] – 2018

The EP is out!

Well, it has been for a while…

Okay, it was released 3 weeks ago, I posted the Spotify teaser, I made a dumb Napster joke probably no-one under 30 will get, and nobody without a penny in their mouth right now will laugh at… but I’m just a regular ass, so yeah, I forgot to post my own EP.

I’m a boob.

Now let me make things right. I present to you: The Empty Spot.